International Food and Exercise Database - iFed

iFed is the International Food and Exercise Database built by SP Health in 2008 to deliver quality product nutrition and fitness information to consumers through its online programs. It powers the key features of the SP Health platforms including the menu plans, recipes, nutrition analysis pages and more. It includes:

  • 200,000 global food listings
    • 100,000 US foods
    • 40,000 UK foods
    • 30,000 AU foods
    • 30,000 Asian foods
    • 85,000 barcodes
  • 1,100 recipes
  • 7,900 meals
  • 210 weeks of meal plans
  • 1,500 exercises/workouts
  • 400 weeks of exercises plans

The iFed database has significantly expanded over the years and has the potential to grow exponentially in line with the increasing availability of food products on the market. The database now houses over 200,000 global foods retailed in supermarkets, food outlets and restaurants throughout the US, UK, Asia and Australia.

How Does iFed Work?

iFed allows members to search for their favourite food items and exercises in their online food diaries and food search page. Each food item displays the nutrition information as seen on food labels and additional nutrients if applicable. For each food item, the following details can be displayed:

  • The Nutrition Information Panel
  • Product image and product description as provided by the manufacturer
  • Ingredients list
  • Barcodes

SP Health is working in conjunction with global barcode organisations to create a database with accurate, reliable and current nutrition information for products retailed in supermarkets worldwide.

SP Health’s ambition is to extend the iFed database to become synchronised with barcodes, creating the ability to scan products. Currently, it is in the process of developing a scanning app which will be trialled in quarter four, 2014.