Scott Penn

Scott Penn

Founder and Chairman

Scott Penn has been an influential member of the health and weight-loss industry for more than 20 years. Having battled with his weight since his early teens (he attended his first Weight Watchers meeting at age 13) he is one of the few diet educators who has firsthand experience with weight loss.

Scott started his career in the late 1980s with the advertising agency George Patterson. In 1994, he joined Weight Watchers Australia (which his family had a shareholding in) to help his family grow the business. When the company was acquired by a New York based private equity firm in 1999, Scott was made CEO of Australasia and a Global Vice President of Weight Watchers International, Inc. In this role he embarked on a number of pioneering initiatives including the launch of the company's first men's only program and development of a global food endorsement device. He was also fortunate to participate in the listing process of Weight Watchers International, Inc in 2001 (NYSE: WTW).

Scott was also instrumental in lobbying the Australian Government to increase awareness of the obesity crisis and argue for incentives for members of the public to lose weight. He has continued that passionate pursuit with submissions to several government committees, including the 2020 Summit and House of Representatives Inquiry into Obesity.

More recently, Scott, through SP Health Co, has developed one of the world's most comprehensive online behaviour change platforms which is currently powering The CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet, CSIRO Healthy Diet Score, The Biggest Loser Club in the US, and has recently signed a Joint Development Agreement with the Mayo Clinic in the US. Scott is very focused on technical advances that personalise nutrition.

His interest in health extends into the sport arena– he is Chairman and owner of the 8-time Championship winning Rugby League team, the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles and owner of the iconic international surf brand, Aloha.

Scott is an active Member of the YPO Sydney Chapter and has been a Member for over 15 years.

Scott is passionate about health, especially weight loss, and has always been interested in the psychology behind why people overeat. This passion, along with a genuine and grave concern for Australia's emerging 'soft society', led Scott to write The Click Diet in 2008 – a back to basics approach which incorporates Scott's experiences with weight loss and what he calls the "3E's" of weight management – Energy, Emotion, Environment.