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Our Platforms are Scientifically Proven

SP Health is dedicated to delivering the world’s best health and weight loss platforms using the latest scientific knowledge. Our platforms are regularly reviewed and updated through our extensive on-going research with Australia’s University of Newcastle and receiving Government Funding Grants.

As a result, we have had more published research than any other Health and Wellness company worldwide, including publication in 11 peer-reviewed journals. We have presented at 25 conferences and had both large cohort studies (11,000 participants) and randomised controlled studies.

University of Newcastle

SP Health has invested heavily into research and development by establishing a long-term collaboration with the University of Newcastle Australia. This research not only benefits our local and international community by contributing answers to part of the obesogenic puzzle, but with every research outcome the evidence is invested back into the product design to ensure consumers are receiving the best evidence based product on the market.

The University of Newcastle has conducted randomised controlled trials, cohort studies and pilot studies to:

a) understand the efficacy of our online platforms and
b) investigate novel features that can enhance weight loss and weight maintenance in online weight management systems.


To date, four major studies have been conducted:

1 SP Health Randomised Controlled Trial

Chief Investigators: Prof Clare Collins, Prof Robin Callister and Prof Philip Morgan.

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A gold standard randomised controlled trial to investigate the efficacy of SP Health's online weight loss platform. The results have been presented in several stages: 12 week, 24 week and 18 months. Over 300 participants (males and females) who were overweight or obese were recruited and randomised to one of three groups for the weight loss intervention: basic, enhanced or control. Following this weight loss phase, participants were re-randomised into one of two weight loss maintenance programs for a further 18 months. This study was funded by the prestigious Australian Research Council Linkage Grant, with co-contributions from SP Health. ARC Website.

2 SP Health Cohort Study

Chief Iinvestigator Dr Melinda Hutchesson.

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A cohort that tracked over 11,000 real world participants of the SP Health Biggest Loser Club program, conducted to establish the value of The Biggest Loser Club program as a treatment option for overweight and obese adults.

3 SP Health Challenge Cohort Study

Chief Iinvestigator Dr Melinda Hutchesson.

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A medium cohort of 1334 real world participants tracked over 8 weeks to compare weight loss, and other outcomes, from a fast tracked and celebrity endorsed 8-week challenge group to the standard program.

4 The SP Health Virtual Clinic

Chief Iinvestigator Dr Megan Rollo.

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This novel and innovative project has the main purpose of exploring the concept of developing a dietetic “virtual clinic” to complement the suite of existing web-based weight loss programs currently offered by SP Health. This project integrates the skills and knowledge of website and program developers with dietetic professional to develop the virtual clinic platform and develop guidelines for delivering online consultations. A small pilot study will be conducted to evaluate feasibility of providing online real-time dietetic consultations (via the virtual clinic) in combination with the ClickFit weight loss platform.

This study has been funded by the NSW Department of Trade and Investment TechVoucher grant, with co-contributions from SP Health.

What our research says

Using the SP Health platform achieves clinically significant weight loss per week

The biggest users are the biggest losers

It takes as little as 4 days a week

Ultimate results

Improve your diet

Secrets to success

Scientific Research | SP Health
Scientific Research | SP Health

Other smaller pilot studies and process evaluation studies are also currently being conducted. The results of all the investigations have been published in scientific, peer-reviewed journals and conference presentations. The full compendium of research is available here.

Scientific Research | SP Health

The full text copies of the research publications for SP Health platforms can be downloaded here.